Acrobatic Yoga or Acro Yoga born in Maharashtra, India with the practicing of Hatha Yoga and Mallakhamba at the 17th century. For many people Acrobatic Yoga or Acro Yoga Sports was the father of Mallakhamb. But then always he was practiced by several fans of Mallakhamba and Hatha Yoga.


Mallakhamba (Marathi: मल्लखांब) is a traditional Indian sport in which a Mallakhambi or yogi performs feats and poses in concert with a vertical wooden pole or rope. The earliest recorded reference to mallakhamba and also Acrobatic Yoga is found in Someshvara Chalukya's classic Manasollasa (1135 AD). The sport have been practiced in medieval Maharasthra and Hyderabad. At he 18th century when it was revived by Balambhatdada Deodhar, the fitness instructor of Peshwa Baji Rao II during the reign of the Peshwa. Mallakhamba is a Marathi acrobatic yoga sport which was founded in the 12th century.

Acrobatic Gymnastics (previously called Acro Sport) is a competitive gymnastic discipline where partnerships of gymnasts work together and perform figures consisting of acrobatic moves, dance and tumbling, set to music. The different partnerships seen in competition are:

- women's pair (two females)
- men's pair (two males)
- mixed pair (a male base and a female top)
- women's group (three females)
- men's group (four males)

In Acro Sports no yoga postures are done. See.

In the United States some acrobats call AcroSports, but they are two different practices. Because yoga is based on the spiritual, and not in acrobatic postures. The purpose and attitude is the fundamental difference.

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