Acrobatic Yoga or Acro Yoga born in Maharashtra, India with the practicing of Hatha Yoga and Mallakhamba at the 17th century. For many people Acrobatic Yoga or Acro Yoga Sports was the father of Mallakhamb. But then always he was practiced by several fans of Mallakhamba and Hatha Yoga.

About Us

Acro Acrobatic Yoga or Yoga is introduced in America in 1987 at the Festival of Acro Yoga and Yoga Arts in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Since then festivals Acrobatic Yoga or Acro Yoga Sports, are mostly made in Argentina, Uruguay and India.

Acrobatic School Acro Yoga or Yoga of Argentina and India have founded the Association of Acro Yoga. Based on the Acro Traditional Indian Yoga, which among its practitioners have had to Krisnamacharya.

Currently more than 18 Professional and Amateur World Cups have been performed Acro Acrobatic Yoga or Yoga Sports.

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